At VuePay our mission is to become the most favored platform for advertising directly to target audience where the users will get paid to watch ads and to tap into the billion plus dollar advertisement market using their smart devices. VuePay will be available on connected mobile devices regardless of geography, language or currency.

VuePay will cut the middlemen and target the viewers directly, which in turn will give advertisers better control in targeting markets and an auditable trail of transactions using the Ethereum Block chain technology.

By using Ethereum decentralized platform our aim is to deliver a solution that offers security, auditability, liquidity, traceability and ease of use.

VuePay Platform

VuePay is a decentralized distributed platform where users can earn a share of the advertisers bid on the Cost Per View on targeted advertisements on mobile devices.
Currently the cost publishers charge advertisers for adverts is not shared with end users and the end user has no transparency with regards to the formation and distribution of the advertisements costs.

With VuePay, the end user will know what the advertiser is willing to share in terms of cost for CPV for watching their advertisements.

The end user can pick and choose which adverts to watch to maximize their share.

The whole process is run in a decentralized and autonomous
manner on the Ethereum network.

All transactions are transparent and auditable.

The share payout settlement is quick.


VuePay is a peer-to-peer platform where advertisers can directly target potential customers using demographics variables such as age range, gender, parental status, household income, address, place of birth, level of education, etc.

VuePay will target the worldwide smart devices market, which is predicted to grow to around 3 billion devices by the end of 2020.

VuePay platform will let users watch a targeted video on their smart devices for which they will be eligible for a share of the ad spend. This share will be distributed in an honest, transparent and auditable way using the block chain Ethereum technology.

VuePay sees a big opportunity in this space where the measurement or essence of whole ad campaign depends on the views by customers. Since the viewer is the king, viewer should be rewarded directly for targeted ads they view. If some percentage of what advertiser is paying also reaches the targeted user, it will completely change the dynamics of the advertiser-customer relationship.

The middlemen media and technology companies make huge margins. We believe a percentage of this should also go to viewers who view the advertisements.

VuePay Process

VuePay Application


Contracts are business rules, which are coded and execute in the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) on the Ethereum network.

VuePay Contract

This is the main contract, which acts like a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and manages the creation of VuePay contract between advertiser and viewer. This contract code is transparent, auditable, secure and immutable on the Ethereum block chain network.

VuePay Token Contract

VuePay token contract holds and manages VUP token on behalf of its shareholders. During the initial pre-sale and initial coin-offering phase, the VUP token is held by the VuePay token contract. If the minimum cap is reached, the tokens will be allocated to the contributors as per the allocation described in the token sale value section below, if the minimum cap is not reached, VuePay contract will automatically return all the ether back to the contributor wallets. Contributors are liable to pay the GAS.

If the minimum cap is reached, the VuePay contract will automatically move all the Ether to a secure multi signatory wallet.

VuePay Token

The VuePay token is crucial as it fuels the VuePay platform. Every transaction on the VuePay platform involves the VuePay token.

VuePay Token sale

During the pre-sale phase & ICO, tokens can be acquired exclusively through contributing to VuePay token contract.

During the Pre Sale and ICO period, VuePay tokens can be acquired by transferring ETH into the creation contract (i.e. sending ETH to the
address that will be published on VuePay.co along with clear instructions).

VuePay Funding

VuePay plans to raise the initial minimum funding of ETH 20,000 using Ethereum ERC20 based tokens named VuePay tokens (VUP). All VuePay contributions will be allowed a refund if the minimum cap is not reached.

The funds would primarily be used for the development of the VuePay platform, The VuePay app, VuePay team expansion as required and running marketing campaigns.

Token Sale Process

The initial token Pre Sale offering would essentially provide the proportional ownership in the business.

The VuePay tokens sale will be governed by smart contracts. The VuePay token will be open for trade in multiple exchanges immediately after the close of ICO.

When all the tokens are sold or the minimum funding goal is achieved in the nominated timeframe, the contract will automatically be terminated and no more additional funds would be accepted.

VuePay website would be used by investors to participate in the Pre Sale and the ICO process. All the information in relation to Pre Sale and ICO dates will be published on the website.


The team at VuePay brings together a great mix of talent pool from developers to strategists.







Data Chief


Ethereum/ Blockchain Evangelist


Chief Data Scientist


Ethereum & ML Architect


Chief Consultant


Chief Legal Consultant

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We are a community of very experienced professionals ranging from Data, strategy, machine learning, analytics, blockchain, data science and with a very big heart and passion to drive VuePay forward.
On October 6th at 08:00 GMT, we will offer a cryptographic token for sale that is a unit of value in the VuePay platform - Platform to deliver Ad revenue share using ethereum.
You can show your support of this project by purchasing VUPs. Please follow the instructions to participate in our crowdsale - you have to be prepared to purchase when the sale begins. You can also join us - we’d love to have you. Please sign up for our newsletter if you’d like to be kept informed of our progress.. support@vuepay.co
We believe that what we are doing will bring fairness to the Ad world revenue market. Our target is about $30 million, and our cap is around $50 million.
The VUP token (ticker symbol VUP) is a ERC20 token issued on Ethereum blockchain. Token holders can easily store and manage their VUP tokens using the open-source MyEtherWallet.com.
VUP tokens will be issued automatically via Ethereum smart contract. The ICO smart contract code on GitHub will be public and available for audit by anyone.
VuePay's mission is to liberalise the advert ecosystem by introducing transparency in the targeting of users of the platform by advertisers, putting power in the hands of the hands of the users and ultimately to reward the users themselves when ads are viewed.
Currently, users of social media and the internet in general are targeted by the big players in several ways with little control over what they see. It costs an average user time, and money in some instances, to block the ads that are appear on browsers and apps on mobile devices. VuePay's vision is to the turn this around - put power in the hands of the users who have to consciously opt into adverts rather than what obtains today. And they get paid for doing so.
Every actor in the VuePay ecosystem stand to benefit. Advertisers who don't necessarily spend more money to get onto the platform but can now directly target prospective customers of products and services. Consumers who sign up are provided seed tokens; can configure preferences their streamline ads that get delivered to them via notifications and then get rewarded to view the ads. It's a win-win for all.
Please refer to the VuePay website for details of the very strong line up of seasoned professionals who make up the VuePay team here: http://vuepay.co
As a startup, we are currently speaking to several potential partners various areas. Talks are still in early stages. As we onboard these partners, details will be updated on our website.
The VuePay product roadmap is also available on our website. Finer details of the product, service and platform will be published once our ICO is complete. At this stage, the concept is well documented in our whitepaper available on our website.
We are still in the conceptual phase at the moment. We have undertaken a thorough concept validation with experts in the industry. A prototype will delivered in short order, beginning at the completion of our crowdsale phase.
Token Name: VUP Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000 Equity on offer: 40% (400,000,000) Price: 2000 VUP = 1 ETH Platform: Ethereum Soft cap: 20,000 ETH Hard Cap: 200,000 ETH Pre-sale Dates: 06/10/2017 to 20/10/2017 ICO Dates: 21/10/2017 to 20/11/2017 Bonus Structure: -Pre-Sale 50% -25% VUP tokens 25% -Next 25% VUP tokens 12.5%
It depends on the crypto exchanges decision to list VUP tokens. We are already communicating with some major crypto exchanges regarding listing VUP tokens. We expect at least one exchange to accept our tokens soon after the ICO is over.
The minimum funding amount for the token sale is ETH 20,000 , if this is not reached - the money will be refunded to the participants. There is no particular minimum for purchase - you may buy as much or as little as you like.
After the sale period, all unsold tokens will be put on ice for ten years.
No. At the end of the ICO, VUP token creation will be closed permanently
Yes, view the VUP Token Terms and conditions.
We don't plan to burn tokens. Burning means destroying tokens permanently. Instead, we will use a smart contract that will hold the tokens for ten years, then unlock them.
It's here: http://vuepay.co/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/VuePay%20whitepaper.pdf
This is where we are with blockchain at the moment. You need a wallet that can see tokens, and MyEtherWallet is about as easy as it gets. There's another reason - getting your money from your bank into an exchange requires a banking license. So there's a big divide between the licensed exchanges and the native crypto wallets and crypto-exchanges that don't deal with fiat currency.
This token, like almost every other blockchain-based token, has no profitsharing mechanism. It does not represent ownership or equity in the project, and the token is not a security. As with almost all other "Initial Coin Offering" tokens, there is inherent value in the tokens - they will be the unit of payment in the VuePay platform. In many other cases, the value of the token has gone up in the months after the token sale. However, the token will be priced by the market, and it's worth being aware that other tokens have not increased much in value and several have gone down. We have a long-term view. We believe our tokens will become valuable as our system becomes more real and gets traction with customers. We discourage investors who plan to sell for a quick profit.We are looking for supporters who believe in our vision.
If you used MyEtherWallet to purchase your tokens, you'll find a tutorial on the Purchase page of this site. If you used another wallet, please explore that product's community.
You will want to put them into "cold storage." That means you leave them in your MyEtherWallet (they aren't really there - they are on the blockchain) and you store your password, private key, and address on a USB stick (or two) away from your computer. You can easily learn how to do this by typing "ether cold storage" into YouTube. Here, we did it for you.
BAT browser is our competitor. We deliver smart predicted Ads directly as a notification to the consumers weeding out the need for publishers, full audit traceability and analytics is provided to the advertisers about Ad consumption , consumer is also rewarded directly as a portion of ad revenue share. The essence of VuePay is to deliver digital content with a magical user experience on mobile devices and through a browser.
There are not obvious disbenefits for token holders. The VuePay contract include clauses to ensure investors are duly refunded under certain conditions such as not meeting our cap. The product vision, as earlier explained has been validated and has a huge a potential in the market - hence token holders can expect an uplift in their investments once the VUP lists on exchanges. Our fundamentals are strong to back up these points.
The requirements are being ironed out with out legal team and will become available shortly